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Canary Archlock is a game that tries to put in value the natural and cultural patrimony of the Canary Islands, a little group of Spanish islands.

This idea was given by the Tenerife 2030 Project, and everybody in 4ºB ESO of the highschool Teobaldo Power has helped making the proyect.


It's 2030. The islands are contaminated. Suddenly, the Teide, the biggest volcano in the islands, explodes, and a canary ancestor flies out of it. 

You are Airam, an important businessman. When the Teide´s explosion occurs, the ancestor appears in your office and tells you to save the Islands from this future.

¿Will you accept?

-Game phases

The game is made up of 4 main phases( at the moment we have finished 1 and the second is in progress)

_FIRST PHASE: Repoblate Canary Islands.

In the first phase you will choose plants and animals from the islands and you will place them in their habitat. To get the animals and plants, you will have to play minigames related to them,

Random events will happen and invasive plants will grow in your land.

SECOND PHASE: Manage ancient poblations

Now there is life in the islands, and ancient people have appeared. You will help them survive in the ancient world by collecting building materials, food...

While your poblation increases, the game will be more difficult.

-THIRD PHASE: The Canary islands conquest.

Spanish nobles started the conquest of the islands in the fifteenth century, and finished almost a century later.

In this phase, you will see the conquest from two points of view: You will try to survive as an aboriginal from the spanish conquest, and you will also try to defeat the aboriginals as the spanish conquerors in order to conquer the islands.

Minigames will be used to represent the battles.

-FOURTH PHASE: Industrial age/nowadays

Now you control the islands in an age of new technologies and contamination. You will have to choose the right options to prosperate in a green way.

If you take a bad decision, you will increase your contamination level, and it will affect to the environment.


-Lizart run: An atlantic lizard will run on a dangerous path with rocks that may kill you and tasty flys you will eat to get points.

-Flappy hubara: The name says everything you need to now. 

-Grow the palm tree: You have to water a baby palm tree and try to repel dromadaires that try to eat your palm tree. If you do it right, you will see how your palm tree grows.

-Obsidian-pong: Do you need to get some obsidian to build tools?  Well, just play some pong. 



Canary archlock pre-alpha.exe 80 MB

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